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Aug 17, 2012 7:00am EDT
to the shooting of 34 miners. it is midday here in london, 7:00 a.m. in washington, and 3:00 p.m. in moscow where security is tight where three members of the polka band pussy riot is awaiting the verdict that could send them to jail. the three women have been in jail since march after the band put on a brief anti-putin performance. images are there for you. steve rosenberg is there. steve, how close are we to labor -- to a verdict? >> the judges are due to start delivering a verdict about now. she has not started yet. as for what is happening outside the courthouse, we have seen supporters and opponents just over there. there is a string quartet playing classical music. they are among the opponents. they say that if pussy riot will go into a cathedral to perform, where will they go next? an elementary school? groups have been going around dressing statues appeared >> this verdict will be delivered in full on this day or is this a process that will continue further on? >> we expect the verdict to be delivered today. but it could take some time for the judge to get through the reading before she a
Aug 17, 2012 4:00pm PDT
in a moscow court -- members of a russian punk band were sentenced to two years in jail for their public protest. the demonstrations continue at the south african mine where 34 people were killed. it is feared the unrest could spread. >> losing patience, and the result is more militancy, more angry populism, and more than ever, more bloodshed. >> and giving the old fashioned toilet a modern twist. bill gates challenges scientists to come up with a solution to a pressing problem. welcome to our viewers on pbs in america and around the globe. it is a trial which has grabbed international headlines. today, three members of the russian punk band, pussy riot, were found guilty of hooliganism and sentenced to two years in jail. the event staged a protest criticizing the church. since then, their case has drawn high profile reaction from around the globe. >> former world chess champion gary as barack -- gary kasparov making a break for freedom. the scene outside the moscow trial this evening as feelings among the opposition ran high. "free pussy riot," the check from the crowd as they wait for
Aug 20, 2012 6:00pm EDT
of pussy riot rushed before the altar of moscow's cathedral of christ the savior wearing brightly colored balaclavas. they genuflected, danced, and issued a punk prayer. three of the members have been jailed since march. on friday, there were sentenced to two years in prison for hooliganism after a judge rejected the argument their act was a form of political protest, instead ruling it was motivated by religious hatred. as the verdict came down on friday, solidarity protests took place a more than 60 cities around the world, here in new york, the six people were arrested as dozens protested outside the russian consulate, some wearing pussy riot's signature balaclavas. hundreds of supporters also gathered outside the courthouse in moscow on friday. hundreds -- dozens were reportedly arrested, including the opposition leader and chess champion gary kasparov, who says he was brutally beaten by police. the case was seen as a key test of how far russian leader vladimir putin would go to crack down against dissidents in his third stint as president of russia. speaking from inside a glass cage a
Aug 17, 2012 10:00pm PDT
in moscow's main cathedral the demand that potent go international criticism is growing louder bottom and that >>> the women of the pomp rock group pussy riot stood in a glass cage as they heard the verdict in a moscow court room the judge found them guilty of hooliganism and inciting religious hatred and sends them to two years in prison. in february burst into moscow's main cathedral and belted out an anti-government protest song calling on the virgin mary to throw the russian president out of office he has close ties to the russian orthodox church and is cracking down on dissent and free-speech. the all female punk band captures the attention protests are going on throughout the bay area in justin herman plaza and san francisco peerin. this afternoon in demonstrators press like band members. >>> most of my russian friends will not be here to support me they are afraid i'm a little bit afraid >>> celebrities like paul mccartney and madonna call on the band members to be free the women have been jailed for five months and not clear if they'll get credit for time served the white hous
Aug 4, 2012 4:30am PDT
were arrested after a protest against vladimir putin's hold on power are causing quite a stir in moscow. the women who are members of a band called pussy riot were charged with look in some after staging an anti-government performance. all sorts of prominent artists and politicians have called for their release, but now the three are facing trial, and it is thought they could be dealt an extremely harsh penalty. >> a closely guarded and in handcuffs, the three members of the cult bent [applause] write up are presented to the world like hardened criminals -- like the punk band pussy riot are presented to the world like hardened criminals. the charge -- hooliganism. the courthouse has been cordoned off for the trial. emotions have been running high. normally, the protest would only amount to a fine, but critics say the kremlin wants to flex its muscle. >> the government is trying to score politically with this trial. the message is clear -- they want to show that they can punish anyone, be it the crowds of protesters or pussy riot. they will only leave the in peace if you stay out of the
Aug 8, 2012 2:30pm PDT
the way at a london olympics. the world is watching that trial in moscow. three young female punk rockers who stage a protest song against the president. >> the lead singer of pussy riot has been comparing the case to the stalin-era repression. she has spoken out after a full week of hearings, during which most of the defense witnesses were barred. >> the women face three years in prison for their performance. the judge has put off delivering the verdict until august 17. >> the three defendants are still looking strong and defiant. they are putting on a brave face, despite the possibility that they could be sent to a penal colony for three years. the women and their relatives are expecting a guilty verdict. >> of course, i am very worried about the prospect of them being sent to prison. in the five months that they have been in detention, i have gotten used to expecting the worst. >> it was for this performance in moscow's main cathedral that the three women may now lose their freedom. they were charged with hooliganism and inciting religious hatred. their supporters say the trial is poli
Aug 17, 2012 2:30pm PDT
. >> a moscow court sentences members of the punk band pusy riot to two years in jail. >> dozens of south african miners killed in clashes with police. and for the first time since world war ii, german soldiers can now be used for missions within germany in cases of national emergency. welcome. governments across europe are taking russia to task for the verdict in the pussy riot. >> three of the women in the pond -- punk band today were sentenced to two years in prison. >> the european union, germany, austria, and britain along with human rights groups are all heavily criticizing the sentencing, saying it is extreme and not compatible with european values or the rule of law. our coverage begins in moscow. >> the defendants and their supporters were not surprised by the verdict and sentencing, which they say was determined by russian president vladimir putin. >> i think the only way to comment on this verdict is to quote the title of the new pussy riot song which has just been released. the song is called "putin is lighting the fires of revolution." end of comment. >> it took almost three
Aug 31, 2012 7:00am EDT
the place. london, 7:00 a.m. in florida, 3:00 in the afternoon in moscow where president vladimir putin may have allowed himself a smile when news broke little more than an hour ago that one of his harshest critics, exiled russian oligarch boris berezovsky, lost his legal battle with another russian billionaire, roman abramovich, the owner of chelsea football club. boris berezovsky was suing the man for $5 billion, claiming that he was blackmailed and intimidated out of his rightful share in the russian energy company in the 1990's. our correspondent in moscow has been following this class of the oligarchs. daniel is joining me now. >> billions of dollars were at stake. boris berezovsky claimed that he and a friend owns half of a large oil company which was the fifth largest oil company in russia and was eventually sold back to the state. british court decided that although he had played an important role, he did not own any of that. boris berezovsky was once one of the most influential men in russia accustomed to private jets and palaces in the south of france. roman abramovich, one of the
Aug 3, 2012 2:30pm PDT
moscow. syria has asked russia for a loan after months of sanctions. >> the west is saying the sanctions are against the government, but that is hypocrisy. economic sanctions have an impact on every citizen of syria. >> on friday, the u.n. general assembly passed a resolution to denounce the government's crackdown, but russia and china continue to block the security council from acting. >> let's talk a little bit about that. from washington, d.c., we're joined by our correspondent. what was the point of the resolution against syria today? it is almost embarrassing when you consider the u.n. security council has failed three times to act. >> it is a symbolic vote. this is a non-binding motion uc here today. people are frustrated. one way to show this is just to have that kind of resolution. germany is a co-sponsor of this resolution, so germany is backing the resolution. >> the white house, as we understand it, is using the resignation of kofi annan as an opportunity to criticize china and russia. >> they will continue to criticize china and russia for backing president assad. he did not
Aug 18, 2012 1:35am PDT
the judge sends the all girl band to prison for a protest at the moscow main cathedral they screamed obscenities as cbs reporter juliette goodrich shows us international criticism grows louder by the man that >>> women of the provocative of punk rock group " pussy ryan " students and a court room the judge found them guilty of hooliganism and inciting religious hatred and sentenced them to two years in prison. in february they burst into moscow's main cathedral and belted out an anti-government protest song calling on the virgin mary to throw out the russian president he has close ties to the orthodox church opposition leaders say he is cracking down on dissent and free speech. the all female ponte ban captures international attention protests are going on throughout the bay area at justin herman plaza in san francisco. this afternoon and outside the russian consulate in san francisco demonstrators dressed like band members. >>> my friends would not come here and support me they're afraid they are afraid they'll reach out for us and i'm a little bit afraid >>> celebrities like paul m
Aug 17, 2012 5:30pm PDT
six months ago with an obscure protest in a moscow church. arrest followed, a trial, and today a prison sentence that is raising questions about justice in vladimir putin's russia. here is nbc's duncan golestani. >> reporter: inside the courtroom, defiant smiles when the verdicts came. these three protesters are educated, middle class, two of them mothers. they say the whole trial has been unfair and decided to laugh in the face of what they see as putin's oppressive system. outside the court anger and a crackdown by police. even the chess star gary kasparov was arrested. this kind of reaction is one reason the punk band says it started protesting in the first place. this is the so-called punk prayer that got them arrested back in february. they stormed the altar of a moscow cathedral calling on the virgin mary to chase president vladimir putin away. it infuriated the faithful and the authorities. critics say the arrests were putin's personal revenge and this trial was simply an instrument of his oppression. >> putin is a man who likes to show his vengeance and for them it seem
Aug 17, 2012 5:30pm PDT
the prison sentences for three female punk rockers in moscow who denounced president putin; and margaret warner examines what the trial says about dissent in russia. >> brown: paul solman reports on a government program that allows u.s. firms to hire foreign students for the summer. is the motivation good will or cheap labor? >> they're disfranchising young american workers who need these jobs. their motivation is not good international relations. their motivation is the bottom line. >> woodruff: plus mark shields and rich lowry analyze the week's news. that's all ahead on tonight's newshour. >> major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ moving our economy for 160 years. bnsf, the engine that connects us. >> and by the bill and melinda gates foundation. dedicated to the idea that all people deserve the chance to live a healthy, productive life. >> and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and... >> this program was made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting. and by contributions to your pbs stat
Aug 30, 2012 6:00am PDT
are showcasing their latest models at the moscow motor show. some firms are planning to produce locally to expand their business in the fast growing market. japan's mazda is showing its new mazda six. the company will start producing the model in the far eastern city of vladivostok. the outlander will be rolling out of a plant near moscow with production starting in november. mitsubishi is also showing a new pajero sports model for production next year. the auto industry expects the russian market to grow over the next three years to one of the largest in europe with annual sales of more than 3 million units. >>> germany's green energy policy is going through growing pains. the country uses what's called a feed in tariff system. it requireses utilities to pay companies and other clients a set price for power generated by solar and other renewables. but problems have cropped up for consumers, utilities and clean energy producers. nhk world's yusuki kimura explains. >> reporter: they are living near berlin. the german government introduced the feeding tariff 12 years ago. back then it accounted for
Aug 30, 2012 5:30pm PDT
. mitsubishi motors new model, the outlander, will be rolling out of a planned near moscow with productions starting in november. mitsubishi is also showing a new sports model for production next year. the auto industry expect the russian market to grow over the next three years to one of the largest in europe with annual sales of more than 3 million units. >>> more than 1400 firms are showing items. the south korean maker has a new smart phone that is larger than the standard model with a 5.5 inch screen. users can navigate the variety of features on the phone using a especially designed touch pad. samsung will also be showing a notebook computer with detachable keyboard. the display can be used alone as a tablet. japan's sony combined its smart phones and tablets under a single brand. the firm is also showing a waterproof tan let for use in the kitchen. sony's lineup includes a desktop computer with a stand. it can be used as large tablet allowing multiple users to play games. competition is getting more intense among electronic makers as the market for tablets is expanding rapidly. >>> n
Aug 17, 2012 6:30pm PDT
begins in moscow. >> the defendants and their supporters were not surprised by the verdict and sentencing, which they say was determined by russian president vladimir putin. >> i think the only way to comment on this verdict is to quote the title of the new pussy riot song which has just been released. the song is called "putin is lighting the fires of revolution." end of comment. >> it took almost three hours to read out the lengthy verdict. she called out the protest in the religious cathedral as sacrilegious. she said they had undermined social order, showed disrespect for society, and deliberately offended orthodox christians. in february, the defendants and other band members stormed moscow's christ the savior cathedral and performed a song asking the virgin mary to drive putin out. the women say they were protesting against putin's ties with the church and had not meant to offend believers. their supporters demonstrated outside the court room, shouting "freedom" and "russia without putin." >> i do not understand the point of this trial at all. >> an opposition activist and former wo
Aug 22, 2012 6:30pm PDT
its influence to exert pressure on syria behind the scenes. after a meeting in moscow, syria's deputy prime minister for the first time raised the possibility of president assad's resignation. >> no issue is barred from the negotiating table, including assad's resignation, but it cannot be a precondition for dialogue. that is not democracy. >> that is unlikely to appease the opposition, which has flatly predict flatly rejected talks where assad remains in power. with no solution in sight, the human cost of the conflict steadily rises. >> it has been a long time coming. after 18 years of negotiations, russia finally became a member of the world trade organization on wednesday. it is the last major economy to join the group. >> the eu, russia's largest trading partner, called this a major step, but domestic critics say moscow's wto membership will increase competition at home and spell disaster for many russian farmers. >> the harvest here is picked by hand, just like during soviet times. but that is going to have to change. russia's membership in the world trade organization means that
Aug 17, 2012 12:00pm PDT
worldwide protest of its own. >> the women of a provocative, rock group heard the verdict inside of a moscow court room. the judge found them guilty of hooliganism and inciting religious hatred and sentenced them to two years in prison. in february the women burst cantu the christ the savior cathedral in ski masks and belted out a protest song, calling on the virgin mary to throw president vladimir putin ad of office. he has close ties to the orthodox church, opposition leaders say the russian president is cracking down on dissent and free-speech. celebrities including paul mccartney, madonna, have called for the band members to be freed. protests have sprung up in moscow, london, and nearly 50 other cities around the world. most demonstrators are dressing like band members. >> pick up in jail for speaking their minds and that is what music is about, expressing your feelings, you should not go to jail for that. >> in new york protesters can to get their message out, originally were over there at the mexican consulate but police force them all across the street. >> we have a sense of fear, we
Aug 8, 2012 4:00pm PDT
they saying this to protest song mocking vladimir putin in moscow's main cathedral. the court said they decimated the church -- the court was told they decimated the church. their fate has caused international attention. last night madonna, who was singing in moscow, joined a growing chorus of music stars supporting plessy riots -- pussy riot. >> [unintelligible] i pray for their freedom. >> the prosecution had asked for the women to be sent to prison for three years. the judge will give her verdict on friday next week. >> now to china, where on thursday a court case with huge political fallout will get under way. the wife stands accused of murdering a british businessman neil hayward indicates that has led to headlines and caused her husband to fall from his rank. taxes in this court building china hopes it can put an end to the vague -- >> it is in this court building china hopes to put an end to the scandal. the case being heard is simple. a 53-year-old chinese lawyer is charged with murdering her british business partner in a dispute over money, but lurking in the background is
Aug 14, 2012 4:00pm PDT
they continue their protest. >> the thrash guitar punk rock in moscow's cathedral of christ the savior, a prayer to the virgin mary to rid them of the president vladimir putin. they have spent five months in prison. defiant and determined to fight on, those members of pussy riot not behind bars met us after midnight using a voice device. some of them were involved in the protests that landed their friends in jail. >> they -- it is not because they did something wrong but because somebody decided to show us is power. it is not real power. it is take power. >> despite the growing risks to those who openly opposed vladimir putin's rule, they vow the campaign against him will continue. >> the government can hurt some people, but they cannot heard the idea. but the three members of the group in detention have been on trial this month. the judge passed sentence in the controversial sentence on friday and they could spend two more years in prison. international superstars like madonnna and sting has spoken out in their support. when she performed, she had the name of the band on her back. the woman had
Aug 17, 2012 12:00pm EDT
. february they burst into moscow's christ the savior cathedral in ski masks and belted out a protest song calling on the the virgin mary to throw president putin out of office. he has close ties to the orthodox church. opposition leaders say the russian president is cracking down on dissent and free speech. celebrities including paul mccartney and ma madonna have called for them to be fred. protests have sprung up in london, moscow and 50 other cities around the world. most demonstrators are dressing like the band members. >> they were put in jail for speaking their minds. that is what art and music is about, expressing how you feel. you shouldn't be going to jail for doing that. >> reporter: here in new york protesters came to get their message out. originally they were over at the russian consulate but police forced them back over here across the street. >> we're not allowed to gather on the sidewalk right now. i'm not allowing to wear a mask. >> reporter: the women say they were not motivated by hate but protesting close ties between church and the russian state. they've already been j
Aug 17, 2012 7:00pm EDT
they performed inside a cathedral in moscow. drew levinson has the story. >> reporter: this provocative performance inside moscow's main cathedral in february got the band pussy riot the attention they were after. the three women wore ski masks as they called on the virgin mary to throw russian president vladimir putin out of office. friday a judge found them guilty of hooliganism and inciting religious hatred. band members were sentenced to two years in prison as they stood in the glass cage guarded by security officers and dogs. their lawyer says he suspects putin wrote the ruling himself. putin, a former kgb officer, has close ties to the orthodox church. opposition leaders say he's cracking down on dissent and free speech. though this happened in russia, it is getting worldwide attention. protests like this one in times square in new york are popping up all over the world. from london to sydney to san francisco, demonstrators dressed like the band members and performed to show their support. >> we're all pussy riot. >> reporter: dozens were arrested. >> this is a good way to open p
Aug 8, 2012 9:00am PDT
concert here in moscow, she spoke out in favor of the girls of pussy riot who are on trial in moscow this week, and so she has intensified that anger among the conservative orthodox church membership more. the police are worried about the protests or worst at the concert in petersburg tomorrow, and they are taking extra precautions to be ready for anything. >> and ma dn that is not the only one in their corner. remind us why they are on trial? >> well, she is the latest in a long and growing list of international figures to jump on their side to demand their freedom. it was in february this year towards the end of the month when five of the girls went into moscow's christ the savior cathedral and some say the most sacred orthodox cathedral in moscow, and stood up suddenly and performed what they described as a punk prayer. these guys are a punk protest group. they traditionally always wear a color f coloul look over their face, and that is what they did in the cathedral for a few minutes calling for the virgin mary to drive vladimire putin from the power. that is the theme of the son
Aug 27, 2012 4:30am PDT
in moscow to end race. >>> as we have adapted to return to clean things that appeared a little bit cool in spots especially in the north bay right now. the defense that francisco. 54 in livermore. i shall look including to concord in and deliver more. this afternoon the were talking sunshine and temperatures comfortably but below average. these instances of towards the media,. a lot of smoke still in the red and delta because the fighters up there. temperatures on the hot side. maybe in the next couple is also some minor fluctuations. with that money to the jurors are going to stay down just a bit hit 79 in san jose a 62 and 1/7 cup. a little busy through the delta there. the 65 degrees in san francisco. orrin up a little bit as we had done to wednesday. >>> were still doing pretty nicely. no big issues out there right now. no hot spots. things are now some light on the building a bridge. this is less than 92. as you can see it heading up towards the highlights pretty quiet. we are seeing some areas of road work but not as much as we usually see. in the complexion was the highway for it
Aug 29, 2012 4:30am PDT
mom. my grandmother is 87. to some of the house my biggest concern. >>> moscow already cancelled glasses until september 10th for repairs. >>> some sort of aural slick or spell on soft on watt won.south1 this was an overturned crash. the driver of the car actually landed on its wheels. still blocking on the traffic. >>> a police impostor is wanted for a sexual assault in the state earlier this month. in woman says a man with a sovereign in flashing light on his car stockton early in the morning on august factory he flashed a badge and after the soldier in the back of a police car. >>> a plea hearing is scheduled for this man at 2:00 this afternoon. his charge in the case of a 15 year-old girl who was last seen in her morgan hill home in march. affordably she was murdered although her body has never been found. >>> for those living from paycheck to paycheck the glitch was far from a simple inconvenience. the good news is the employment development department issued have that glitch fixed today. e d d says it's been working overnight try to fix us. the apartment was this message on
Aug 30, 2012 1:00am EDT
anecdote that happened in moscow's short thereafter as this book in this idea about the coming decades. another anecdote is that i went to moscow organized out there and the prime minister wanted somebody to present to him at the conference about the state of affairs in russia. and then the conference organizers at prudence office after they make the presentation. i said fine, i do it. i did not know is going to be such a big deal because although i've mentioned before, but this is televised. and i gave a really blunt assessment on russia about how i was optimistic a decade ago when things had taken values cheap in russia and people he did it in a decade beta the per capita ratio is $10,000 in russia basically was regressing rather than progressing, just being reliant on oil and gas is not enough. which country makes rich kids. they better get some sort of a manufacturing sector going in new businesses going. so is a pretty blunt assessment of how russia was doing. and pretend was very good. she was there listening and stuff, but the next day i found out what this is all about because
Aug 14, 2012 7:00am EDT
:00 in the afternoon in moscow, where three members of the russian feminist band will find out this week whether they'll be jailed for form ago protest song against vladimir putin in moscow's main cathedral in march, madonna, red hot chili peppers and sting are supporting the defendants and demonstrations are planned in 30 cities when they appear in court. the woman faces up to three years in prison if convicted but members told the bbc they would do it again. >> in the middle *s last night n. a secret location, danielle, what have they been saying? >> we met them well off midnight last night. we were told to come to an address, and when we came here we found seven members of the group protesting against the return of vladimir putin to the presidency since he said he was going to run last october and they were in a defiant mood, despite that three of the members have been in prison waiting for the verdict on friday to determine whether they will be sentenced to more prisoner time for hatred which is the way the prosecution put it. they said they didn't have any regrets, they thought it was the right
FOX News
Aug 17, 2012 6:00am PDT
putin found guilty of quote, hooliganism. they were arrested in march after bursting into moscow's main cathedral calling for the virgin mary to protect russia from the newly-elected president putin. how about that? greg palkot joins us now on the story in london. greg, what is the significance of this hooliganism verdict? >> reporter: martha, we have been watching this live feed coming out of the moscow courtroom and listening to the verdict being read out in a very lengthy process in that courtroom. the three female members of that punk bandstanding inside a glass box in that courtroom. sometimes smiling. sometimes impasse sieve. the charge which they have found guilty of specifically is hooliganism, motivated by religious hatred because they did perform the protest in the most sacred place in moscow, the cathedral of christ the savior back in fenn. as you noted the protest was also against vladmir putin and his government. why many think that putin had a real hand in this verdict since elected this year, again as russian president. he has been a pushing a crackdown on dissent, on opp
Aug 27, 2012 9:00am PDT
, they are not taking their chance. they have left moscow to avoid prosecution. we are joined by phil black from moscow to explain and first of all, i want to remind the viewers what this is about. it is something that happened in february, five band members and the band pussy riot performed a song that is critical of vladimire putin which happened in an orthodox church. three of the members were caught, and do we know what happened to the other two band members? >> well, suzanne, pussy riot has acknowledged five members who took part in the punk prayer as you say was moscow's main cathedral and performed a song calling for the virgin mary to free russia of vladimire putin and three members were arrested shortly thereafter, and the members of the band always thought they knew the identities of the women, but decided to prosecute three of them. the other two have been keeping a low profile and part because they did not want to an ttagoni the authorities and to in spite change their mind and much of the balance of the colleagues also in the balance, too, but then the russian police announced publicly, th
Aug 17, 2012 12:00pm PDT
a protest song slamming russian president vladimir putin inside a moscow church a few months ago. the judge ruled today saying it's an unprecedented act of hul beganism by women. phil, the sentencing is getting worldwide reaction. what are you hearing? >> reporter: well, some significant international condemnation on this two-year sentence for these women who performed that protest in a major moscow cathedral earlier in the year. the united states says the sentence is disproportionate to the actions of the women. the european union says the same because further to say it is deeply troubling that they would get a two-year sentence for a peaceful although controversial expression of their views. and the eu demands that this sentence be reviewed and reversed. these are firm words. unlikely to make a difference. >> it's the case the sentence would be two years but they would actually serve ess? >> reporter: we know that the time they have already spent in custody will count towards the sentence. that's going onto six months now. it could potentially be reduced on appeal. there's not necessarily
Aug 5, 2012 10:00pm PDT
. in moscow r where russian space officials are closely following the development and science correspondent david brodie joins us from edge water, new jersey. but first we will go to john zarrella there live in pasadena. john, we are about to enter the period that officials are calling seven minutes of terror, where they will not know if curiosity is alive or dead. >> that's exactly right, john. this is it. they've all been using the olympic term that they have to stick this landing. as you pointed out, that this maneuver to entering the atmosphere of mars, traveling at 13,200 miles an hour, in less than ten minutes from now, they'll be hitting curiosity will be hitting the upper part of the atmosphere, traveling that speed, from that point on, it'll maneuver its way down through the atmosphere. then a parachute will deploy and following the parachute deployment, it'll be slow to even further and then another series of events has to unfold where rockets have to fire. and the heat shield comes off. and the back shell comes off. and ultimately, curiosity will be tethered down. literally a sky
Aug 17, 2012 7:00pm EDT
napoleon's retreat from moscow. it was demolished by stalin. mr. putin is happy to identify with the russian orthodox church where the domestic vote is. this is a popular move in moscow. >> so they protested foolishly in the orthodox churches which pis pissed off everybody else. what about the broader picture? i agree it was a dumb move on their part. what is the state of the rule of law, of democracy in russia now? >> it's fragile, larry. i i agree. i don't think vladimir putin is anybody's idea of thomas jefferson. this incident strengthens his hand domestically. that more much informs his ability to projest power internationally. that's what we care about, especially because of the middle east. russia's entanglement with syria is a threat to peace in the middle east and a threat to us. >> can you say that the hard-lined but popular move to throw the rockers in jail strengthens his stance in syria? >> it also distracts from the syrian tangle where the russians don't have better answers than we do? the russians are committed to making sure the united states fails in syria.
Aug 23, 2012 10:00am PDT
now. just returned from moscow. another diplomatic mission. trying to get russia on board to help control syria's chemical and biological weapons. senator, it's great to see you. thank you very much. >> thank you, andrea. >> you, of course, co-sponsor of the lugar nonregime which for decades controlled weapons of mass destruction and tried to prevent, successfully tried to prevent proliferation at the fall of the soviet union. now, tell me about moscow, because we have a lot of concerns about vladimir putin's stance supporting assad, propping him up, just as the u.s. is getting more and more worried about that red line the president spoke about, the chemical weapons. where do we stand? >> i appreciated the opportunity to visit russia. first of all, to talk about the basis of the program, to extend the umbrella program to give legal basis so we can continue to work with the russians to destroy missiles and destroy engines that had nuclear weapons attached to them and all the rest. i took the opportunity with deputy ministers of defense and foreign affairs to suggest that there is a
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